GNU/Linux IT specialists, Project Leaders, Analysts, Consultants, Developers and Network/System Engineers.










WHITEGLOVES consultants can help clients in-house staffs solve an individual problem or complete a particularly challenging portion of a project.

For these customers, WHITEGLOVES's involvement may span from a few days to a few months.


Thanks to a close dialog with the customer, WHITEGLOVES can design, implement and support a fully tailored ICT solution. Through an appropriate choice of hardware, software and communication tools, WHITEGLOVES guarantees an optimization of the existing and future IT investment of the customer, delivering maximum functionality at minimum cost. An original cost structure enables the customer to control all the expenses in an effective manner.




Network and Messaging System Implementation & Configuration   /

The flexibility of the advanced software solution on the one hand and the ability to have an easy-to-use environment on the other hand, make the implementation and configuration phases of a full network very complex.
WHITEGLOVES makes this complexity transparent to the user and to the network administrator, providing the customer with a user-friendly computer environment.

Network Remote Management  /

WHITEGLOVES network remote management service provides the customer with a pro-active network management.
This includes operational monitoring and control, storage management, basic security management, print management and job scheduling and data recovery. It can prevent the customer from daily manipulations on the computer environment allowing him to be focused on his business activity.

LAN / WAN Design & Consultancy  /

Being aware that a customerís business is more and more dynamic and geographically distributed ,WHITEGLOVES has invested in a knowledge capital concentrated around Internet, Intranet and Extranet solutions. With wide area network architectures based on TCP/IP, VPN, PPTP or WEB technologies, WHITEGLOVES solutions allow to share data between distributed networks within the company and with business partners.

System Migration and Upgrade /

The constant evolution of technology forces companies to adapt continuously their information system. These changes require skills to secure against loss of data during the migration phase and to minimize the unavailability of the system, thus decreasing the total migration cost. + Demo Software...

Security Management /

Openness of wide area networks leads the information system to be sensitive to the external influences . WHITEGLOVES provides security management solutions to protect companies against intrusions and unexpected external manipulations that can paralyze the entire company.

Helpdesk /

WHITEGLOVES helpdesk is the main point of contact for end-users.
Via this single entry point, WHITEGLOVES is supporting its customers in the processes of configuration, change management and problem solving. Through a high level of responsiveness, WHITEGLOVES provides its customers with an efficient and professional framework.





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